Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Hi Stampers,
Today's post is NSR...somewhat...It was 4 years ago today that I was introduced to the wonderful world of Scrapbooking. It is also the day that I gave birth to the World's Most Beautiful Quadruplets!! Yes, I said Quadruplets. In birth order, Madison Nicole (2lbs 10 oz), Bryson Prince (2lbs 12 oz), Josiah Carrington (2 lbs 11 oz) and Nyla Paige (1 lb 15oz). All babies were born healthy and were in the hospital as "growers and feeders." Bryson came home 4 weeks later on Easter Sunday, he was my chocolate Easter Bunny. Madison and Josiah came home next at 5 weeks, they were my Birthday present (3-31) and Nyla came home at 8 weeks, just one day shy of their original due date (Apr 30th). They are healthy, happy, strong and getting bigger each second of the day. I will post pics later after they have had cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Sweeties!!!!!!! Momma Loves You All!!!!!!!!!!!

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